Company Profile

ZJDR--Zhejiang Darun Waterway Project Co.,Ltd.

Date:2017-01-18 Source:Darun

Zhejiang Darun Waterway Project Co.,Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Da Run Group. The company is located in No. 964 Donghai Middle Road, Shenjiamen, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province. Zhejiang Darun is a company with a Grade II General Contracting Qualification for Port and Waterway Projects,a Grade II Professional Qualification for Waterway Projects, and Domestic ship management  license etc. Our company is a Strategic partner of CSCEC.

It mainly engages in port and waterway construction projects, including wharfs, breakwaters, waterway engineering, dredging and reclamation, storage yard, soft ground treatment, equipment installation, lifting and salvage and other hydraulic engineering constructions as well as ocean tuggage, vessel freightage, construction supplies and other related supporting businesses. Its markets cover domestic coastal provinces and B&R countries.

The company now has 190 employee, including 86 employees with all types of technical skills, 6 employees with senior professional and technical titles; 35 employees with qualified medium professional and technical titles, 45 assistant Engineers and technicians; 12management personals. We owned 7 first-class constructors, 7 three- level project managers. It is a comprehensive construction team composed of management personnel, professional technicians and all kinds of skilled workers with high level knowledge, rich experience and strict discipline. The company has various types of large and medium-sized vessels, including self-propelled grab dredger, cutter suction full frequency dredger, trailing suction hopper dredger, tons self-propelled crane, tugboat, self-propelled split hopper barge, sand suction boat, blowing mud (sand) boats, stone dumpers and others, All ships are equipped with GPS, to ensure the construction accuracy and construction quality. The Company is also equipped with various types of excavators, loaders, bulldozers and other construction machinery.

With strong comprehensive construction strength, rich construction experiences and strong technical force, the Company has a comprehensive construction capability of more than 1 billion RMB annually. Over the past decade, Darun has totally undertaken about 100 constructions of waterway dredging, land formation, dike engineering and nearly 50 wharf engineering projects, including Djibouti Construction on overwater; South Port of Ukraine Dredging; Diaoliang Reclamation Project &Luomeng Dredging; Huarun Haifeng Power Dredging; Port of Lianyungang Project; SDIC Meizhou Port Coal Terminal Engineering; West Port of Shenjiameng Port Dredging; Yushan Island Land Project; Yuhuan Coastal area Desiliting; Yanshan I phase Reclamation Project.

In addition, the company hold a marine engineering ship management service center base in Zhujiajian Shunmu Industry Park of Zhoushan city. A 3000-ton dock has been built and the office area and yard area with total area of 48666 is under construction. This project is supposed to be the unique base in Zhoushan City or even in Zhejiang Province, which integrates marine engineering equipment distribution center, supplies transfer distribution center and marine engineering management and technical personnel training center, high-tech eco-marine engineering equipment R & D center in one, which has an important economic value and far-reaching social significance for promoting the great-leap-forward development of Zhoushan marine engineering economy.

Darun fully commits to the spirit of “Complete Sincerity, Perfect Dedication, High Aspirations, and Great Success” and our management concept of “do a project, build a brand, make a number of friends, win a piece of market”, cultivates enterprise talents through the philosophy of "people-oriented, integrity first", and build fine projects with the "well-organized, well-construction, and well-service". With great strength, good service and good reputation, the Company enables to win the trust of customers. The objectives of the Company are “Honesty-oriented, working together, Rigorous Scientific, and creating a brand”. We will continue to serve our new and old customers with scientific management, excellent technology, excellent construction quality and excellent service, and make great contributions to promote the construction of the ports and waterways in China.